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Introduction of Call Tracking-

Google Ads Call Tracking is a product-based execution marketing strategy that creates and allots an exceptional telephone number to a particular promotion or advertising effort. Conversion Call Tracking systems then, at that point, follow and examine leads through that telephone number “channel” to get the station’s actual viability and ROI or get a commission for driving that lead.

Why we used Call Tracking-

Google Ads Call tracking permits you to see which advertisements are the best at driving calls to your business, as well as catching leads and booking arrangements. It is the initial step to getting your client’s excursion and gives the marketing attribution you want to pass judgment and change your promotion

How to Set up Call Tracking-

MWC Digital Solution

1- First, you have to go to Google Ads accounts.
2- Then click on the tools icon in the upper right corner.
3- Now under “Measurement” you have to click Conversion.
4- Then click on the Plus button.
5- Now click on Phone calls.
6- Now select Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads, then click
On continue.
7- Now next to “Category,” you have to select a description for your conversion
Action from the drop-down. Then category will allow you to segment your
Conversion in reports, so you can see similar conversions together.
8- Now next to “Value,” you have to select the “Each phone call is worth” and
Enter a value for every call, or select Don’t assign a value.
9- Now next to “Count,” select whether to count every or one conversion per ad
Click. “Every” option is the best option for sales, and the option “one” is best for
10- Now click on Call length and Enter the minimum length, in seconds,
because that phone call needs to last in order to be counted as a
11- Now click the Conversion window and Select a conversion window (how
long after an ad click, you want to track conversions) for this conversion
12- (Advanced) Click Include in “Conversions.” Opting in to this
setting—selected by default—will include data for this conversion action in
Your “Conversions” reporting column.
If you are not checking this setting, data will still be included in the “All
Conversions” column.
Data in the “Conversions” column is used by automated bid strategies like
Target ROAS, Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC), or Target CPA.
13- Click Attribution model.
With the help of this setting, you can choose how to assign credit for each
conversion: the last click a customer made before conversion, the first
Click, or a combination of clicks.
14- And click Create and continue.

The Importance of Call Tracking-

Observing data on calls is the essential advantage of Call Tracking. Be that as it may, what makes it ideal for your marketing campaigns.
Call Tracking doesn’t exclusively streamline your marketing campaigns. Knowing how to manage the information assembled concludes whether your mission is big wins or huge losses.
Deciding the accompanying elements essential for promoting turns out to be easy with Google Ads Call Tracking.


Using call tracking numbers for your business marketing efforts both on the web and disconnected is the best method for seeing which missions get the most over-the-top income. Track all calls created through various missions. Record calls naturally. Use discourse examination. For limited scope and huge scope entrepreneurs, call tracking can turn their digital advertising endeavors around and save them a truckload of cash.

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