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What is Content Writing


Content writing is the process of producing content for the online world. It can be writing for the web, email newsletters, social media, and more. As a content writer, your job is to produce content that is engaging, valuable, and shares your brand’s voice. Your content should not only be grammatically correct but also convey your message in a way that will be understandable to your audience.

SEO Content must be based upon focused Keywords and Search engine data


SEO content will not reach the right person if you don’t include the focused keywords in your content. By Focused keywords, we mean keywords and phrases for which your target audience is actively searching. To find these terms you have to explore: who your target person is, what knowledge they need, and which keywords/words they use to find that knowledge. You can use multiple keyword research tools to discover what your target person is interested in based on search engine data. Below you will find our three likable tools for generating content ideas and establishing keywords.


A good keyword research tool is answerthepublic.com. This tool provides you with a free report of keyword suggestions visualized in a ‘search cloud”. How we can work on this; first choose a country, and then enter a keyword. Later that the tool presents you with several questions, prepositions, and an alphabetical list of keywords related to your query. For example, when we entered “SEO content” as a keyword, the tool provided the following understanding.

This tool is best if you’re looking for a blog topic, content ideas, or keywords suggestions. When Writing SEO content, have the first important things to take your research a step further. Choose one or two focuses keywords, and some more keywords related to the subject.

keywords that have the highest search volume and the lowest competition is the best choice to choose. Search volume is the number of searches in a month for a particular keyword. You can find the search volume of keywords with the help of tools like Google keyword planner or Uber suggest. Eventually, you need to fuse these keywords in your content so that you have the most complete SEO content for both users and search engines.

Keyword PlannerSEO Content

The key to a successful marketing campaign is knowing what your audience wants. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows you to discover the search volume and AdWords competition for keywords related to your business. You can use this tool to find new keyword ideas, discover ad copy ideas, and identify new markets to expand your business. In this guide, I’ll show you how to use Keyword Planner to find new keyword ideas, including long-tail keywords. 

With the Google Keyword Planner, you will receive monthly searches conducted by users.

How to use the Keyword Planner:

  1. How can use the Google Keyword Planner, you have to go Google Ads account (if you don’t have an account, you can easily make one). The first step, go to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the second step please sign in to Google Ads
  3. Select ‘Keyword Planner.
  4. There are two different tools within Google Keyword Planner: “Find New Keywords” and “Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords” If you want to get new ideas for keywords then you select “find new keywords”. If you already have a list of keywords and want to check their search volume, click on “Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords.

To use this, write your keywords into the search field, and click “Get Started”. You will only get a report on the keywords you have entered. The Keyword Planner will provide you with an Approx. estimate how many clicks, impressions, and anti-competition keywords you will get for the keywords entered. Based on this data you should be able to select the most appropriate keywords for your SEO content.


Ubbersuggest is a community-driven content suggestion system for online content. It is built on top of the natural language processing algorithms used by Google to provide you with relevant search results and then uses that same technology to give you more relevant suggestions while you’re reading online content. Unlike other content suggestions, Ubbersuggest learns over time as you interact with the system, enriching your experience as you continue to use it.

Have you ever wondered how the world finds you the things you need when you need them? Did you ever wonder what happens when you go looking for something, but don’t know where to look or how to find it? Do you ever wish you could find what you’re looking for faster and easier? If so, then Ubbersuggest might be the answer to your problems.


These keyword research tools will help you come up with ideas for fresh content, blog topics, and keywords. We suggest that you fully utilize these SEO writing tools for your blogs, website, or other projects. You can use this tool for free, and it will help you create SEO-friendly content. Creating fresh and latest SEO content is one of the biggest challenges, so using keyword research tools should make this easier. 

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